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  LPS Aerosol Packaging Benefits

LPS® is proud to launch a new, 2 piece aerosol can to our product line that has been reliable for over 50 years! All LPS® aerosol cans have been re-designed with our customers in mind.

 We have developed a visual identification system, iS (eyes), which allows customers to easily understand the product’s features by using graphic icons. If a product is fast evaporating, has a low odor, and is NSF ® Certified, customers can easily identify these benefits from the package.

 Our new LPS® aerosol cans now display typical product applications and many of the end user and industry related specifications and approvals. In addition, all the LPS aerosol cans will now be bilingual English and Spanish.

 Keeping with the LPS® commitment to safety, all HMIS® ratings, Right To Know information, and warning statements are clearly displayed on each product.

There have been no chemical composition change to any of our products and the part numbers have stayed the same. We are excited to have new packaging with bold text and powerful icons to illustrate the high quality products manufactured by LPS®.


We will not only beat our compeditors on quality tools and parts we will match and even beat them with a higher end tool or part