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  Northstar-Tapeworm Tools & Parts

NorthStar tools, built in our plant near Vancouver, Canada, are the most durable tools you can buy.  All raw materials and components are from Canada and Germany.  There are no compromises.  And they are ready to run, out of the box.  That's a promise

NorthStar Tool Corporation was founded in 1997 in Vancouver, Canada.  Mark MacMillan had been a finisher himself,  and he knew that the finisher's biggest problem is time lost when his tools are not running properly. So Mark set out to design the most durable and reliable tools possible. Mark wanted to keep the finisher on the wall working, and not taking his tools to the repair shop.The first tool Mark built was the AdjuStar extendable flat box handle, acknowledged to be the ôstate of the artö in adjustable handles.  The first AdjuStar was sold in March of 2000, and the Northstar line has grown rapidly since.  NorthStar is now sold in every major market in North America, Australia and New Zealand, The United Kingdom, and much of Europe. In 2007 Northstar affiliated with ToolPro for distribution to better serve the finishers and dealers by providing reliable and expedient service


  Featured products
Tapeworm Corner Head Set Screw-809400 Tapeworm Corner Head Set Screw-809400

SKU: 809400

Sale Price: $1.79

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Tapeworm Anglehead Blade-Skid(2)-10438 Tapeworm Anglehead Blade-Skid(2)-10438

SKU: 10438

Sale Price: $15.49

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Tapeworm Leaf Spring Anchor-10439 Tapeworm Leaf Spring Anchor-10439

SKU: 10439

Sale Price: $3.95

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Rankee R0008 Adapter Rankee R0008 Adapter

SKU: R0008

Sale Price: $12.95

Rankee R0007 Angle Adapter Rankee R0007 Angle Adapter

SKU: R0007

Sale Price: $23.95

Rankee 21-30 Inch Extendable Wipedown Rankee 21-30 Inch Extendable Wipedown

SKU: R0010

Sale Price: $36.99

Northstar Handle Repair Kit FFH-41 Northstar Handle Repair Kit FFH-41


Currently Out Of Stock!

Northstar 8" Flat Box wiper Northstar 8" Wiper

SKU: FFB-03-08

Currently Out Of Stock!

Northstar Taper Repair Kit AT-176 Northstar Taper Repair Kit AT-176

SKU: AT-176

Sale Price: $46.95

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Tapeworm 3" Carbide Blade-10436C Tapeworm 3" Carbide Blade-10436C

SKU: 10436C

Sale Price: $28.79

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