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FIBEROCK® Brand Abuse-Resistant Interior Panels provide increased resistance to indentation and penetration for interior walls and ceilings in demanding applications. These gypsum-fiber panels are designed to outperform paper-faced gypsum board. Strong, solid and durable, they resist denting, breaking, and puncturing—even in high-traffic areas. Made from 95% recycled materials, these panels are an environmentally friendly choice for sustainable building construction.

Features and Benefits

FIBEROCK® Brand Abuse-Resistant Interior Panels ensure a high-quality finished job, resulting in higher durability and reduced maintenance costs over their lifetime. Made from 95 percent recycled material, these panels are an environmentally-friendly choice. FIBEROCK Brand Abuse-Resistant Interior Panels are reinforced throughout, providing increased strength, stiffness, and abuse-resistant properties when compared to paper-faced gypsum board. Panels offer superior screw/nail holding ability compared with paper-faced gypsum board


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