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  2" Metal Flex Tape

2" Metal Flex Tape

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Flexible Metal Tape-On Corners ensure straight, strong corners at any angle--on cathedral and drop ceilings, around bay windows and in a variety of other applications.

Combining steel strength with superior bond of compound to paper, Flexible Metal Tape-On Corners are manufactured with two steel strips attached to a strong paper tape covering. They resist edge cracking and chipping for corners that stay beautiful despite the stresses of normal building movement and everyday wear and tear. The unique, patented nose coating on the paper minimizes scuffing and fuzzing when finishing and sanding. Applied with joint compound instead of nails to eliminate nail popping when wood frame shrinks. Three styles are available: B1 Beaded Flex designed specifically to make straight, strong outside corners has a unique raised bead (nose) that provides faster, easier finishing with joint compound; B2 Flex designed specifically to make strong, straight inside corners of any angle; and Flex Tape designed to fit any inside or outside angle.

Features and Benefits

Flexible Metal Tape-On Corners let you create straight, strong corners, even on irregular shaped structures like cathedral or drop ceilings or bay windows. Joint compound application eliminates the problem of nail pop-out when the wood frame shrinks over time. A unique nose coating protects the paper from scuffing and fuzzing during finishing or sanding.

    • Widest selection of flexible metal corners in the industry to meet a variety of decorating needs

    • Superior resistance to edge cracking and chipping

    • Fast, easy installation reduces labor costs

    • Strong paper covering provides excellent adhesion of joint compound, paint and texture

    • Backed by lifetime limited warranty for long-term performance


    • Joint compound application eliminates nail popping



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