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  DustDroid 130 HEPA Industrial Vacuum For Fine Dust

DustDroid 130 HEPA Industrial Vacuum For Fine Dust
SKU: H0012
Retail price: $2,499.00
Sale Price: $1,979.00
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  • Low cost certified HEPA vacuum
  • 4 levels of filtration for longer HEPA filter life
  • 130 CFM HEPA vacuum
  • On-board cyclone system with AirBender™ technology
  • 16 gallon canister with 20 gallon separator drum
  • Lightweight and easy to transport
  • Less maintenance - no solenoids
  • Runs on 120v
    • Save money with this low cost, high capacity HEPA vacuum
    • Extend the life of your HEPA filter with WunderBag™ micro pre-filters
    • Capture 99% of dust BEFORE it reaches the HEPA filter with AirBender technology in the on-board cyclone
    • Transport with ease – separate components are light weight
    • Meet government standards (EPA RRP) with certified HEPA filters
    • Reduce maintenance - NO solenoids!
    • Brochure

  • The DustDroid™ 130 extends the capacity of our best selling 130 CFM HEPA shop vacuum by including an on-board separator, with a 20 gallon drum. The vacuum itself has a 16 gallon canister and is full-unit HEPA certified to meet EPA RRP guidelines for lead safe, and hazardous material pick up. Both the vacuum and separator are incorporated into a cart equipped with large wheels for easy maneuvering. Contractors like how the unit is price considerably lower than competitive HEPA vacuums and is powered by 120 volt current. This workhorse vacuum has fewer moving parts, and no solenoids, to require less maintenance and provide more reliable performance.

    Longer HEPA filter life
    There are three sophisticated filter systems used to protect, and extend the life of, the HEPA filter. The on-board separator utilizes Air-Bender™ technology to capture 99% of the dust before it enters the main vacuum canister. Then the WunderBag™ goes to work, capturing particles down to .5 micron. The final layer of protection is a fabric cover that fits over the HEPA filter, and it also captures particles down to .5 micron. Competitive vacuums use a single pre-filter that only captures larger particles that are 1 micron and bigger. This Dustless system uses two pre-filters, and each capture smaller particles down to .5 micron to provide superior protection of the HEPA filter.

    The amazing WunderBag™
    The WunderBag is a micro pre-filter that captures particles down to half a micron - amazingly close to HEPA performance, which is approximately one third of a micron. This canister bag holds up to 40 lbs of dust and is intentionally oversized so at least 50% of its surface area is always available to support airflow. The WunderBag™ also helps expedite the double bagging process required when performing lead abatement work to meet EPA RRP requirements.

    The truth about pulse cleaning
    Pulse cleaning every 15 seconds is hard on HEPA filters. Violent bursts of air explode - thrusting abrasive granules against the delicate filter material, damaging the microscopic fibers and shortening the HEPA filter's life. DustDroid™ vacuums are much kinder to your HEPA filters.

    Why the DustDroid™ requires less maintenance
    The moving parts associated with automated pulse-cleaning systems (solenoids) are subject to frequent breakdowns. DustDroid™ vacuums have no solenoids - only mechanical switches - proven to be reliable when exposed to constant vibration, dust and other harsh conditions.

    Works with the following combinations of equipment:

    • 2 hand grinders
    • 1 small walk behind, from 7" to 2" diameter

    What's in the Box
    1 16 gallon canister, 1 20 gallon separator drum, 1 HEPA filter, 1 HEPA filter cover, 5 30 x 30 bags, 1 2 pk WunderBag Micro Pre-Filter, 1 25' hose, 1 2" coupler

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