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  DustDroid 300 HEPA Industrial Vacuum For Fine Dust - Concrete

DustDroid 300 HEPA Industrial Vacuum For Fine Dust - Concrete
SKU: H0030
Retail price: $7,999.00
Sale Price: $6,995.00
You save: $1,004.00 (13%)

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  • Powerful - 300 CFM
  • Convenient - Runs on 120v
  • Portable - Modular components
  • Compact - On-board cyclone separator
  • Productive - Clean filters while running
  • Brochure

The DustDroid™ 300 is designed for capturing the extra fine dust created by cutting, drilling, grinding and sanding materials such as concrete, masonry, stone, fiberglass and other construction materials. It produces 300 CFM and features a 20 gallon canister that is easily removed for emptying. Contractors like how the unit is price considerably lower than competitive HEPA vacuums and is powered by 120 volt current. This workhorse vacuum has fewer moving parts, and no solenoids, to require less maintenance and provide more reliable performance. The AirBlast™ filter cleaning system can be actuated while the vacuum is running, without interrupting work; and AirBender™ technology enables contractors to go up to 10 times longer between filter cleanings.

How the DustDroid™ extends cleaning intervals 10 times longer
AirBender™ technology greatly increases cleaning intervals by doing a superior job of capturing dust BEFORE it reaches the HEPA filter. The AirBender™ cyclone captures 98% of airborne dust compared to typical cyclones, which capture only 80%.

How AirBender™ technology works
The AirBender™ cyclonic system “bends” the air stream at the bottom of the canister, and allows 98% of the dust to settle in a large Passive Air Zone before the air moves on to the HEPA filter canister. By allowing only 2%, instead of 20%, of the dust to reach the HEPA filter, Air-Bender™ technology enables contractors to go 10 times longer between cleaning intervals.


  • Large capacity - 20 gallon drums
  • Reliable - No solenoids for low maintenance
  • Economical - Low price
  • Low cost of ownership - Extended HEPA filter life


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