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  Dustless Slurry Vacuum

Dustless Slurry Vacuum
SKU: D17001
Retail price: $2,799.00
Sale Price: $2,479.00
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The problem with most drum head vacuums is that you are forced to use a short, 12 foot hose because of inadequate water lifting power. You can barely get far enough away from the truck that holds the slurry drum to get work done. You need one person to run the equipment and another just to keep the truck close. It's a waste of time and manpower.

The Dustless Slurry Vacuum solves these problems with unmatched water lifting power in a drum head vacuum. You can vacuum slurry using a 100 foot hose, with the vacuum/drum at truck bed height.


  • 90” water lift at 115 CFM
  • Lift slurry with a 100 foot long hose - at truck bed height
  • Fits standard 55 gallon drum
  • Optional disposable plastic drum liner
  • Runs off a small generator: 120 volts, 13 amps and 1,500 Watts
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Comes with a 25 foot hose
  • Brochure 


This vacuum also runs off of the same generator you use with a lot of your other equipment. 120 volts, 13 amps and 1,500 watts.

Another advantage is the optional, disposable plastic drum liners. Eliminate the need to hammer out dried concrete out of the bottom of the drum. Simply peel out the inexpensive plastic liner and throw it away when you empty the drum. Faster, cleaner and more efficient!

We will not only beat our compeditors on quality tools and parts we will match and even beat them with a higher end tool or part