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  Specialty Items-Fiberglass Tapes & Fasteners

Go paperless. With FibaFuse®.

FibaFuse® is a revolutionary line of paperless drywall joint tapes and wall reinforcement fabrics. Designed for professional renovators and remodelers, FibaFuse is an ideal alternative to paper tape.

The fibers in FibaFuse products are dispersed randomly, providing strength in all directions. The open fiber design results in a porous product, which allows the tape or fabric to fuse with the joint compound, creating a much stronger bond and smoother finish.

In fact, tests have shown that surfaces and joints prepared with FibaFuse paperless products are 70% stronger than paper tape or fiberglass mesh reinforcement. FibaFuse products are also mold-resistant, offering a superior option for demanding applications.


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LPS2 Lubricant (Most Popular) LPS2 Lubricant

SKU: 078827002163

Sale Price: $15.79

Insta-Back(Wal-Frog)(1/2 Inch) Insta-Back Wal-Frog 1/2" Drywall Clips

SKU: 4055

Sale Price: $45.95

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Insta-Back(Wal-Frog)(5/8 Inch) Insta-Back Wal-Frog 5/8" Drywall Clips

SKU: 4060

Sale Price: $45.95

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Adhesive Drywall Shim (popular) Adhesive Drywall Shim (Popular)


Currently Out Of Stock!

Insta-Back(Wal-Frog) 4 Pack Insta-Bac Wal-Frog Drywall Clips 4 Pack

SKU: 4050S4

Sale Price: $2.49

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Toolpro 1 7/8" Yellow Fiberglass Mesh Tape Toolpro 1 7/8" Yellow Fiberglass Mesh Tape

SKU: TP3385

Sale Price: $6.79

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2" Metal Flex Tape 2" Metal Flex Tape


Sale Price: $12.79

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FibaFuse Paperless Max FibaFuse Paperless Drywall Joint Tape

SKU: 038662810118

Sale Price: $6.99

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