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  Disaster Recovery

When it's time to clean up or remove oil on land or water, SPC Oil Sorbents are the best alternative. Convenient, lightweight and cost-effective, SPC Oil Sorbents absorb up to 25 times its own weight in petroleum products. A little does a lot! Additionally, SPC Oil Sorbents are equally effective in soaking up petroleum-based solvents and paints, vegetable oils, and other non-water soluble chemicals. A single pound of SPC Oil Sorbents are the equivalent of 25 pounds of clay. It makes deployment easy and saves time, money and effort. SPC Oil Sorbents will not absorb water, will float indefinitely, are wringable, dustless, unaffected by temperature, flame resistant and impervious to both rot and mildew. SPC Oil Sorbents are easy to dispose of, incinerating to less than 0.02% ash


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