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  Stilts & Scaffolds-Benches

About Dura-Stilts

For over forty years Genuine Dura-Stilts® have remained the world wide, undisputed choice of professional stilt users.

Since the early sixties, the innovative key features pioneered and patented by Dura-Stilts® established them as the industry leader of articulating leg extension devices (stilts). Dura-Stilts® comfort, strength to weight ratio and reliability set new stilt standards which changed the construction industry’s perception of stilts from a novelty to a legitimate industrial tool.


  Featured products
Skywalker Spring Marshalltown Skywalker Spring

SKU: 035965149075

Currently Out Of Stock!

Marshalltown Skywalker Spring Covers Marshalltown Skywalker Spring Covers

SKU: 035965149297

Currently Out Of Stock!

Wallboard Wishbone Spring Wal-Board Wishbone Spring

SKU: 049727320961

Sale Price: $7.49

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Wal-Board Step Assembly Wal-Board Step Assembly

SKU: 32080

Sale Price: $32.45

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Corner-Back Fasteners 5/8 Inch Corner-Back Fasteners 5/8 Inch Clips

SKU: 4010

Sale Price: $49.79

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Dura-Stilts Replaceable Sole with Screws Replaceable Sole with Screws


Sale Price: $5.89

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Marshalltown Skywalker Stilts

SKU: SW218

Currently Out Of Stock!

JOB1-683990.jpg Jobox Drop-Front Piano Lid

SKU: JOB1-684990

Sale Price: $1,195.00


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