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  Tapetech Pro Set

Tapetech Professional Set
Retail price: $6,394.20
Sale Price: $4,095.00
You save: $2,299.20 (36%)
 Product options:
Taper Option: 
Flatbox #1: 
Flatbox #2: 
Nail Spotter: 
2 Inch Nail Spotter    3 Inch Nail Spotter   
Flatbox Handle: 
Flatbox Handle: 
Corner Finisher: 
Corner Applicator: 
Pump Option: 
2-Easyclean Pumps    2-Bazooka Pumps w fillers ($299.00)   1-Bazooka Pump & 1 Easyclean Pump ($149.00)  
Tapetech Automatic Taper   


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Save as much as $200.00 usd alone

Tapetech Professional Set


1- Tapetech Automatic Taper

2- Easy Clean Pumps or 2-Bazooka Pumps® with filler and gooseneck

1- Corner Box with Handle (7" or 8")

1- Corner Roller With Handle

1- Angle Head Handle

1- Corner Finisher (2" or 3")

1- Nail Spotter with Handle (2" or 3")

2- Flat Boxes (7", 10" or 12")

2- Flat Box Handles (34" ,42" 54" or 72")

1- Gooseneck

1- Box Filler Fitting

1-Tapetech 501 A Kit

2-501 H Kit

1-501 F4 Kit

Plus extra genuine Tapetech parts

This Tapetech set is the complete package and requested locally for professionals. This set comes with a 5 year warranty




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