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  FibaFuse Paperless Wall Reinforcement Fabric - 36 in. x 150 ft

FibaFuse Paperless Wall Reinforcement Fabric - 36 in. x 150 ft

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SKU: FF36150
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Specifically designed for professional renovators, remodelers and drywall installers as well as DIYers, FibaFuse® Paperless Wall Reinforcement is engineered with a porous, open fiber design that allows joint compound, plaster or setting-type compound to flow through and bond with its reinforced glass mat fibers, as well as the underlying work surface, for a smooth, uniform finish.

Extensive tests have shown that surfaces repaired with FibaFuse paperless products are 70% stronger than paper tape or fiberglass mesh reinforcement, providing greater impact and stress resistance.

Features and benefits include:

  • Strong reinforcement – Repairs spider web and alligator cracking
  • Saves time – Restores existing walls without a complete tear-out
  • Professional-quality results – Easy to cut, easy to install
  • Smooth, uniform finish – Eliminates blisters and bubbles
  • Open fiber design – Fuses with compound/plaster to create a stronger bond
  • Perfect 10 rating on the ASTM D3273 mold test – Can be installed in almost any high-humidity, moisture-prone environment

FibaFuse Paperless Wall Reinforcement is also known globally as glass veil.


  • Mold resistance
  • High-moisture environments
  • Drywall repair
  • Plaster repair
  • Wall underlayment
  • Wall repair
  • Crack repair


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