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We use a Dedicated server and have been for 8 years,it is to make sure your information is safe and secure. Most websites today are on shared servers meaning one server with as many as 25 websites hosted and is more profiable for the business owner, for example on a shared server a website can be hosted for as little as 10.00 usd per month and dedicated can start at 180.00 usd and go up to 900 per month just for 1 server so which one do most pick, it is always going to be shared, it is not the websites owners information on this server it is yours so why worry about dangers when making a profit is more important to them. Dedicated servers have only 1 per server and does make life alot easier for a price, we are willing to pay the price and spare no expense at all for your security.

Shared servers are dangerous and customers may never know they have been attacked for months, here is how it happens, a person visits for example a porn site ,website owner or public gets a virus then goes to visit any site on this shared server now this virus is going to spread to ALL websites on this server and always cause problems and reason why sometimes a site might be down for a few hours restoring all of this information back on server but it is too late the virus scans looking for certain accounts or credit card info and names addresses and even social security info will be stolen and used at a later time, they never do right away, they will wait and do later with your information. So what ever happens to any one person on a shared server they all get infected, here is a short story from a hosting company:

I've been a shared hosting customer with GoDaddy for over a half dozen years and over the past 2 years I've had the index pages on my only hosted site hacked on at least 4 occasions. I've had to go back and remove and replace the index pages. GoDaddy reps have steadily told me that it's my FTP password. The passwords I've used are long and complex, and my computer is secure (scanned for viruses, spyware, adware etc daily), so I have been baffled as to why I've been hit. Then, very recently, I heard from 3 friends who also have GoDaddy shared hosting, and they've said that their index pages were hacked. That is when I decided to Google search for other possigle answers.

PART DEUX: Over the past 2 years, when I've checked to see if a page I have made for someone would come up in a Goodle search, I have (on several occasions) seen the page appear in a Google search result ... but with a warning saying something like, "WARNING: This page can harm your computer!". The entity that causes that Google "warning" is StopBadware.org ..... So, now I have two problems, one is my site got hacked and secondly, I now have to deal with StopBadware.org to have that warning removed from the Google search results. StopBadware probably provides a good and needed service, but they're arrogant and smart-assed. After submitting "requests" to their web forms, they send back an email saying (paraphrasing here), "We see your site is okay now and we'll tell Google to remove that nasty warning, BUT if you should do this again, we ain't gonna be in no hurry to help remove that warning." In other words, they threaten you.

I just got off the phone with another GoDaddy tech support person who told me that if someone can get into a server of shared hosting accounts ... ore into one shared hosting account, they still cannot get into my account or change my index pages. Is that true?

Lesson: don't use shared hosting providers, especially GoDaddy - although there is worse. If the hosting provider spent 5 minutes per server installing SpyBye, implemented DNS forwarding to OpenDNS, prevented outbound SYN, and replaced SSH and FTP with Ajaxterm over SSL using 2FA and OTP's or REST (while only allowing 80 and 443 in) then they would have less of these problems. Of course, they'd then have to work on their software security... which is basically an unsolvable problem at that scale.





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